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Why choose Peraulis? Because Peraulis is not a company. It is not an agency either. Peraulis is a person. Whenever you call, you will always find Giulia Sandrin on the other side. This will help you create a personal and friendly working relationship, without any loss of reliability and professionalism. Whatever your request is, it will be examined as soon as possible so as to guarantee a high-quality, efficient and accurate service. Because Peraulis is more than words: it’s deeds.

In 1997 I enrolled at the former School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and Translators of the University of Trieste, Italy, choosing German and Slovene as my first and second language of study. I graduated with honours in Translation in 2003 with an experimental dissertation on the linguistic peculiarities of the area where I come from. In 2005 my dissertation “Traduzione di un corpus di narrativa orale raccolto nell’area plurilingue della fascia isontina” (Translation of a corpus of oral storytelling collected in the multilingual area along the river Isonzo) was awarded the dissertation prize “Adriano Cagnolin” and in 2010 it was turned into a book published by Consorzio Culturale del Monfalconese under the title “Storie e filastrocche senza confini” (Stories and rhymes beyond borders).

After developing my language skills abroad by means of, for instance, a study period at the Karl-Franzens Universität in Graz (Austria) within the Socrates exchange programme and a post-graduate study period at the Filozofska Fakulteta of the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), in 2005 I decided to start off as a freelance translator.

Since then I have worked with several translation agencies, companies and publishers from all over Europe, but mainly from Italy, Austria, Germany and Slovenia.

I translate from Slovene and German into Italian and from Italian into Friulian. The years spent gathering professional expertise have allowed me to better understand my interests, skills and abilities, and to identify the sectors in which I preferred to specialise. The texts I translate from Slovene mainly concern tourism, commerce and marketing. As for German, I am primarily focused on the technical sector, especially the car industry (i.e. manuals, training and datasheets), but I often deal also with advertising texts.

What I do. My languages: Slovene>Italian German>Italian Italian>Friulian - My fields: tourism marketing technical advertising
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I face my job with professionality, passion and fairness. What do I mean by ‘professionalism’? Delivering a final product that is obtained by applying all the knowledge and skills acquired not only during my academic career in a prestigious and internationally renowned faculty, but also in the following years of professional work. What do I mean by ‘passion’? Translating for the pleasure of finding the right solution, enjoying the satisfaction of working hard every time to solve what may seem a highly difficult puzzle. What do I mean by ‘fairness’? Being able to recognise my own skills and limits and to say no when I am not completely sure that I can deliver a high-quality result. Professionalism, passion and fairness: this is what I rely on for the satisfaction of my clients and full protection of their rights.

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We have been working with Giulia Sandrin for over 5 years. For our agency she has mainly translated tourist and marketing texts from Slovenian into Italian. Her translations have always been carried out in a professional manner and delivered on time. We are extremely satisfied with her translation services.

Gregor Medvešček
Head of Sales and Marketing

MultiLing Italy

Friendly, accurate and punctual with deliveries.

Monica Notarnicola
IT and EU Project Coordinator
MultiLing Italy srl

STAR srl

Reliable, flexible, accurate and punctual, she has been working with us for years, always in a professional and competent manner.

Lorenzo Mondo

Phoenix Translation Agency, Ltd.

Giulia Sandrin has translated for us various specialized, technical, marketing and legal texts from Slovenian into Italian for many years. She has an excellent flair for translating and she always loves what she does. She is a reliable and valuable collaborator, she is ready to accept considerable workloads, always carrying them out on time and ensuring a good quality. We are glad to work with Giulia and we hope to keep on collaborating with her in the future.

Blanka Erhatič

What's been said about me.

Easy Service

We turned to Giulia Sandrin for some translation jobs from Slovenian into Italian a couple of years ago. From then on we have collaborated with her for the translation of various technical and administrative documents in the Slovenian language. Her translations have always been carried out in a professional manner and with a satisfactory quality standard, and they have always been delivered on time.

Grazia Toni

I collaborated on the following publications with translations and proofreading:
Friûl gurizan Bisiacaria Goriška, edited by Adriana Miceu, Chiandetti, 2008
L’altra anima di Trieste, M. Pirjevec, Mladika, 2009

Besides, I edited the following volume:
Storie e filastrocche senza confini CCM, 2010. Edited by Giulia Sandrin, illustrations by Rosanna Nardon.

Pubblicazioni: Friûl gurizan Bisiacaria Goriška e L'altra anima di Trieste
Storie e filastrocche senza confini - Giulia Sandrin

I was born and live in the extreme north-east of Italy, on the border with Austria and Slovenia, an area that is rich in history but, more importantly, is also multicultural. Several historical languages are spoken here, some of which are recognised and protected as minority languages, such as Friulian, Slovene and German. Being a ‘crib bilingual’ in Italian and Friulian helped me develop an interest in languages and a natural aptitude for swapping from a linguistic code to another ever since my childhood, when translation was part of my daily, family life. Later on, the former School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and Translators gave me the theoretical, technical and professional tools necessary to become a professional translator. Since 2005 I have been working as a freelance translator, turning my passion for translating into a thrilling profession.

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